Japanese firecrackers: The best 8 hanabi celebrations in 2019

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival 

Nagaoka (Niigata prefecture) is probably the greatest firecracker celebrations in Japan. It began not long after WWII and the phoenix-molded firecrackers rapidly turned into an image of Japanese recuperation. The perished are still grieved all through the moving celebration. More than 20,000 firecrackers are set off including monster 650-meter sanshakudama firecrackers. The finale of the show covers two kilometers of the Shinano River making it the largest range of firecrackers on the planet. 

Dates: The Nagaoka Fireworks Festival its praised structure first to third August. 

Access: To arrive, you can utilize your JR Pass and take the Joetsu Shinkansen to Nagaoka Station and walk a little ways from that point to the celebration setting. 

Omagari Fireworks Competition 

Omagari Hanabi Fireworks 

Firecracker producers assemble along the Omono River in Daisen city (Akita prefecture) to show off their craftsmanship and inventiveness and to go after the esteemed prize. The challenge began in 1910 and has kept on developing. In excess of 600,000 individuals run to Daisen from all over Japan to observe the stunning show. Omagari is the main Japanese firecrackers celebration which likewise incorporates a daytime show where shaded smoke paints the sky. 

Dates: 25th August. 

Access: You can take Tohoku and Akita Shinkasen to Omagari Station, an assault secured by your JR Pass. 

Tsuchiura Fireworks Competition 

The Tsuchiura is one of the most creative and marvelous Japanese firecrackers celebrations however it's not outstanding by sightseers. Bleeding edge innovation consolidates with creative structures to deliver a genuinely stunning showcase. It started in 1925 as a remembrance administration for perished maritime officials and has now developed into a genuinely one of a kind showcase. It happens in the community of Tsuchiura and numerous individuals appreciate a cookout previously and during the show. 

Dates: Tsuchiura Fireworks Competition is held sixth October. 

Access: To go there via train, you can take the Joban Line from Tokyo to Tsuchiura, secured with your JR Pass. 

Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival 

Sumida River Fireworks - Tokyo 

Held in Tokyo the last Saturday in July. The celebration goes back to 1733 so it's wealthy in history and custom. The challenge between the firecracker creators is furious however delivers a remarkable showcase. Around a million observers accumulate to see the 20,000 firecrackers of each shading and shape possible. It's prevalent to the point that it tends to be hard to get a decent view as each conceivable vantage point ends up prime land for the enormous occasion. Notwithstanding, it's unquestionably worth the issue. 

Dates: The last Saturday in July. 27th July 2019. 

Access: To arrive, you can go to Asakusa Station in Tokyo. 

Kumano Fireworks Festival 

Kumano Hanabi Festival 

Against the scenery of the Kumano-nothing Sea, more than 10,000 firecrackers are propelled from vessels, making this display genuinely one of a kind. It is Kumano's mark yearly occasion and its history returns 300 years. As of late the showcase has turned out to be famous for its self-detonating Onigajo firecrackers. One of the features is when two of the boats dispatch firecrackers against the bluffs to deliver dynamite visual and audio cues. Guests can appreciate the presentation from Shichirigahama Beach. 

Dates: Kumano Fireworks Festival is held each August 17. 

Access: To arrive from Tokyo, you can take the Tokaido Shinkansen to Nagoya and afterward the JR Nanki Limited Express to Kumanoshi, secured by the JR Pass. 

Kachimai Fireworks Festival 

Kachimai Fireworks Festival - Hokkaido 

Kachimai was first held in 1929 as Hokkaido's first historically speaking firecracker show and today, with around 20,000 firecrackers, it is perhaps the biggest firecracker celebrations. The entire show is synchronized to music and the 2019 presentation guarantees new astonishments. The image of the Kachimai Fireworks Display is the Nishiki Kamuro firecracker which showers brilliant starts and lights up the night sky. The celebration is an antecedent occasion for the Heigen Matsuri. 

Dates: Kachimai Fireworks Festival is held in Obihiro, a city of the Tokachi sub-prefecture in Hokkaido, August 25th. 

Access: There is a long trek to get to Obihiro from Tokyo, the most ideal approach to arrive via train utilizing the Tohoku and Hokkaido Shinkansen lines to Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station, there go to Minami Chitose station with a Limieted Express Super Hakuto and there take the Sekisho line to Obihiro. 

Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival 

Naniwa Yodogawa is the most youthful of the celebrations on the rundown. A gathering of volunteers propelled it in 1989 as a major aspect of a more extensive exertion to revive Osaka. The occasion is known for its unique, hand-made firecrackers. Osaka is referred to as the city of water as it contains such a large number of waterways. During this celebration, swarms accumulate on the riverbanks with seats and picnics so it's essential to arrive early. 

Dates: Held in Osaka, close to the Yodo River, on August fourth. 

Access: You can go there from Tokyo taking the Tokaido Shinkasen line. 

Miyajima Fireworks Festival 

Miyajima Fireworks Festival 

Miyajima Fireworks Festival – Photo by Takeshi Iwasaki utilized under CC 

With around 200,000 onlookers and about 5,000 firecrackers, Miyajima isn't one of the greatest Japanese firecrackers celebrations. In any case, it has a notoriety for being one of the most uncommon. The firecrackers are propelled from the water off the shore of Miyajima and cast staggering reflections on the outside of the ocean. The diagram of the Itsukushima Shrine against the background of the blasts has a one of a kind appeal. 

Dates: Miyajima Water Firework Festival is hung on 25th August. 

Access: To arrive, you can take the Sanyo Shinkansen to Miyamaguchi Station, and reach Itsukushima with a JR ship, secured by JR Pass.

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